Monday, September 2, 2013

Density - New Collective Housing

Density - New Collective Housing
Aurora Fernandez Per, Javier Mozas ,
english / Spanish
a+t ediciones Publishing |  | 2006 | PDF | 131 pages | 56 Mb

A+T puts together in a HB omnibus, its four issues on Density and mass housing, revised and extended with new projects. The selection includes over 60 buildings and ten executed urban plans. The publication takes on the character of an accessible manual: the projects are presented in a uniform manner and the data offered can be easily compared. The monograph is structured according to Density (number of dwellings per hectare). Presented with over 300 photos/overall plans/floor plans of apartments, and working details. 

• 10 urban plans 
• 65 built projects 
• plans at scale 1:500 
• details at scale 1:20 
• comparative analysis considering layout and housing

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