Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Designing High-Density Cities: For Social and Environmental Sustainability

Designing High-Density Cities: 
For Social and Environmental Sustainability
2010 | PDF | 396 pages | 12 Mb

'A distinctive and comprehensive selection of conceptual ideas covering the 'art and science' of sustainable city design.' Khee-Poh Lam, Professor of Architecture, Carnegie Mellon University, USA 'Designing High-Density Cities is a unique contribution. It is an excellent overview of the state of the art on design process for cities presenting high densities. The book is an outcome of long standing research in the area of urban sustainability and includes contributions from internationally acclaimed researchers and building scientists. This is a valuable reference not only for academics but also for architects and practitioners.' Matheos Santamouris, Professor of Energy Physics, University of Athens, Greece 'An outstanding collection of papers on a key issue in planning today. Starting with the essentials of high density building, this book then explores the complex relations of high-density metropolitan areas...It goes without saying that the combination of such important themes fills a gap in our knowledge and that no planner can ignore this book' Tejo Spit, Professor of Urban and Regional Planning, Utrecht University, The Netherlands 'At first glance this may not seem to be a text book for urban designers but I wish that it had been available when I was working on large projects in Hong Kong... the twenty two contributors to this book comprehensively cover the gamut of issues of building at high densities, the growth of mega cities and their environmental consequences.' Urban Design, Issue 115, 2010

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