Thursday, June 28, 2018

Dominique Perrault : Selected and Current Works

Dominique Perrault : Selected and Current Works
(Master Architect Series) 

Dominique Perrault's architecture and urban designs are strictly modern, yet his simple and efficient shapes contain a classical and timeless element. 

He constantly manages to satisfy the need to be reasonable without sacrificing the aesthetic awareness that breathes life into his buildings. 

Perrault's work is without a predictable set of standards or style. He gives no specific meaning or system to his designs, but a uniqueness from start to finish. 

Perrault's portfolio of work includes Biblioth,que nationale de France, APLIX Factory, The Great Greenhouse, Book Technology Centre, Water Purification Plant for S.A.G.E.P., University for Electrical and Electronic Engineering and the Olympic Velodrome and Swimming Pool in Berlin.

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