Saturday, May 5, 2018

Norman Foster and the British Museum

Norman Foster and the British Museum

A landmark in the history of the British Museum and one of Norman Foster's most significant projects to date, the Great Court has reclaimed and reinvigorated one of London's most important public spaces, transforming the Museum. 

Published to coincide with a major retrospective of Foster's work held at the British Museum, this volume brings together essays, design drawings and photographs to provide an account of the development and completion of Foster's project.

 An introductory essay by Deyan Sudjic presents the Great Court as the culmination of centuries of change within the Museum - a reconciliation of past and future which has both restored and transfigured the heart of this public institution. 

Spencer de Grey, a partner at Foster and Partners, documents the design and construction of the individual elements within the Great Court and the vast glazed canopy which surmounts them. The volume is introduced by Norman Foster and illustrated with photographs of the Great Court during its construction and in its spectacular finished state.

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