Monday, July 15, 2013

Revival in the Square : Transforming Cities

Revival in the Square : Transforming Cities
by Nick Corbett
Publisher: RIBA Enterprises | edition 2004 | PDF | 170 pages | 44,4 mb

Cities can be transformed by better quality public space and Revival in the Square explains how to do it. In a clear and accessible way, it provides an insight into how design strategies for public spaces can revive our cities. The book is based on real experience and provides an effective bridge between strategy and action on the ground. Endorsed by Richard Rogers, international architect and chief adviser to the Mayor of London and by Jon Rouse, chief executive of the Housing Corporation, Revival in the Square is highly relevant to anyone interested in the role of public squares in urban regeneration. The book demonstrates how uncluttered and joined up public spaces can be built to promote civic values and commercial competitiveness and how squares can bring people together for a more positive, shared experience of urban living.

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