Saturday, October 8, 2011

Boutique Design Magazine 2009

For Designer of Spa, Restaurant, Hotel and Nightclub

Boutique Design magazine focuses on hospitality interior design, specifically new hotel, restaurant, spa and nightclub designs, and speaks to the interior designer of these spaces to find out how they created their design. Boutique Design launched an annual brand extension called DREAMbook in spring, 2008. As Boutique Design covers the hospitality design industry from the perspective of the interior designer, DREAMbook focuses on product design and up-and-coming product designers. 

Boutique Design May/June 2009
English | 72 Pages | 22MB | PDF

Boutique Design July/August 2009
English | 48 Pages | 12MB | PDF

Boutique Design September/October 2009
English | 73 Pages | 18MB | PDF

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