Saturday, July 30, 2011

Basics Architecture: Representational Techniques

Basics Architecture: Representational Techniques by Lorraine Farrelly
Ava Publishing | 2008 | ISBN: 2940373620 | English | 176 pages | PDF | 27.80 MB

The first book in an exciting new series that spotlights the basics of architecture and design, "Basics Architecture: Representational and Drawing Techniques" is an easy-to-understand overview of the techniques used to represent architecture. From conceptual sketches to the working drawings required for construction, this book covers all the basics. Two- and three-dimensional methods, freehand sketching, cutting-edge computer modeling, and more are presented in examples from top professionals as well as students. Readers will learn how to present and plan layouts, make conceptual sketches, work with scale, use collage and photomontage to create contemporary images, and prepare and plan portfolios.
  •  Core architectural ideas
  •  Clear text, helpful diagrams, full-color photos of sample work
  •  Ideal for students or professionals

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