Saturday, September 5, 2009

AUGIWorld Issue 3 / 2009

AUGIWorld Issue 3 / 2009

In this issue of AUGIWorld:

* Beyond the Base: Extensions and Third-Party Applications - This issue of AUGIWorld features a number of articles devoted to extensions and third-party

* products available for popular Autodesk products. You'll get usage tips and learn how these products complement the base Autodesk software you use
every day.

* A Boost from Google SketchUp - For users of AutoCAD Architecture, Google SketchUp allows for easy 3D model creation, editing, and sharing. Import and export of files in AutoCAD Architecture is a snap. Melinda Heavrin reports.

* Destination CAD - The CAD Manager, Mark Kiker, leads you on a journey to the ideal CAD environment. See CAD Standards, Learning and Training, Software
Tools, Upgrades, and other elements perfected..
Making the Leap to .NET - Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is aging. In this article, Lee Ambrosius shows you how to transition to VSTA and .NET.

* Revit Structure Extensions - Author Robert Coutu describes the extensions available for Autodesk Revit Structure and shows you how to use them. More
productive project work is just around the corner.

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