Friday, July 3, 2009

Structural Analysis (7th Edition)-Solution-Manual

Structural Analysis (7th Edition)-Solution-Manual

pages : 403 | Publisher : Prentice Hall; 7 edition (May 15, 2008) | English | 82.13 MB

This book provides students with a clear and thorough presentation of the theory and application of structural analysis as it applies to trusses, beams, and frames. Emphases are placed on teaching readers to both model and analyze a structure. A hallmark of the book, Procedures for Analysis, has been retained in this edition to provide learners with a logical, orderly method to follow when applying theory. Chapter topics include types of structures and loads, analysis of statically determinate structures, analysis of statically determinate trusses, internal loadings developed in structural members, cables and arches, influence lines for statically determinate structures, approximate analysis of statically indeterminate structures, deflections, analysis of statically indeterminate structures by the force method, displacement method of analysis: slope-deflection equations, displacement method of analysis: moment distribution, analysis of beams and frames consisting of nonprismatic members, truss analysis using the stiffness method, beam analysis using the stiffness method, and plane frame analysis using the stiffness method. For individuals planning for a career as structural engineers.

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