Sunday, April 26, 2009

AUGIWorld November/December 2008 .

AUGIWorld November/December 2008 .

AUGI is the Autodesk User Group International (AutoCAD, 3ds Max, ...)

Articles in this issue of AUGIWorld include:

It's Your Move: Strategies for Adopting New Technology - Is 2009 the year you'll adopt the "new thing," be it BIM, digital prototyping, or something else? If so, step wisely and learn how to separate your obstacles and your assets.
Today and Tomorrow for Civil Engineers - AutoCAD Civil and AutoCAD Civil 3D are now two distinct products. Author Donnie Gladfelter investigates the differences between the two and helps you decide which to choose.
Building a Rendering Pipeline - If you think that bringing rendering "in-house" is something that only medium and large firms can manage, think again. Dwayne Ellis shows why it is an option for any size company.
Ride the "A" Train - Christopher Fox educates company executives about Revit.
Unlocking the Power of AutoCAD 2009 - Lee Ambrosius provides a lesson on customizing the latest release of AutoCAD.

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